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Public transportation map for Managua



HOT supports transportation mapping in Metropolitan Managua, capital of Nicaragua, where over 1.5 million inhabitants are dependent on buses each day.

There is no map for 42 bus lines in Metropolitan Managua, Nicaragua, where about 80% of the 2 million inhabitants are dependent on buses to commute to work or school. Their sense of mobility is drastically reduced, because they do not know how to get to a new place away from their usual bus routes.

Over the last two years, over 150 volunteers from the local OpenStreetMap community surveyed the public transportation network of the capital city Managua and the nearby Ciudad Sandino and created a map, but in order to have a real impact for the population this map needs to be printed and distributed.

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team assists the Nicaraguan OpenStreetMap community with their crowd-funding initiative, which allows the community to print 20,000 maps and give them to the people and have a real impact for the population.