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OSM FlossManuals in Kreyòl (Creole)

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Booksprint to create a Kreyol OSM manual for the Haitian community

This week in Port-au-Prince is happening a booksprint to write a kreyol manual of OpenStreetMap. On Saturday December 8, the Haitian community will have a manual in its own language.

Floss Manuals?

Floss Manuals is a platform that promote and organise the realisation of manuals about free libre open source softwares and free culture. We mostly use the booksprint methodology in order to produce the manual in a week. Yes: within 5 days, 5-8 participants from different though complementary horizons, decides of the table of content, write the content, take care of the correction process and have the book published (online and possibly on paper format). An online open collaborative platform named booktype supports the collective edition of manuals. Flossmanuals gathers an international community of contributors facilitators and users, which, since its creation in 2007, has created more than 120 manuals in 30 languages

OpenStreetMap for Haiti?

Well, if you read this post in HOT, you already know about it...and probably why is it so important for Haïti... This collaborative open source mapping project allows inhabitants of a place (and visitors) to draw path, ways, road as well as situating important elements such as drinkable water, hospital or and health care shelter. The first OpenStreetMap Floss Manuals was realised in october 2011, during the GSoC Doc Camp in California by a group of editors from UK, Finland and the US, some of them involved with humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT) around the world, like Kate Chapman. The writing of the book was a great success and soon after, a francophone community decided to translate the book in french. In that group was again involved actors of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, who knew the importance of this project for community such as Haiti.

Progress of Openstreetmap Haïti coverage after 2010 earthquake TED on OpenStreetMap Haiti

OpenStreetMap Manual in Kreyol ?

If Haiti has two official languages, everyone speaks Creole and only 10% of the population speaks French. Therefore, for a better appropriation of OpenStreetMap by the Haitian population, we have to translate this manual in Creole. A Kickstarter project allowed to gather founds that would help bringing the facilitator of the 2 precedent sprint in Haiti. So here we are... the sprint has started on Monday 3 of December . If you want to join the sprint, it's happening here : OpenStreetMapAyiti

The manual should be translated by the 7th, a limited hand made printed edition is also expected .