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Bangladesh HumanitarianOpenStreetMap Operation Team (BHOOT)



Supporting flood activations, waste management, sustainable planning and access to health in Bangladesh.

OSM Bangladesh, led by the Bangladesh HumanitarianOpenStreetMap Operation Team (BHOOT), have been helping across various projects to support NGOs and Government agencies. The devices granted under the Nethope Device Challenge have been frequently used for four specific projects - Map Your City, South Asian Flood Activation, Clean Dhaka: Smart Dhaka, and NIHR Global Health Unit on Improving Health in Slums.

1) Map Your City Initiated by BHOOT in collaboration with Pathao Ltd, one of the major ride sharing service providers in Bangladesh besides Uber, to map all major cities in Bangladesh. Grant has allowed expansion from Dhaka to Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Comilla, Mymensingh and Jessore.

2) South Asian Flood Activation To deal with the devastating after effect of 2017 Bangladesh floods, HOT initiated an activation “South Asian Flood Activation” to support AID agencies. Led by BHOOT, the OSMBD community started mapping residential areas and connecting roads of affected areas to support aid agencies and improve future response mechanisms.

3) Clean Dhaka, Smart Dhaka Dhaka faces a tremendous challenge in terms of waste management. The project target is to create a geodatabase of waste disposal points in order to identify opportunities to make local urban waste management more sustainable and resilient using OpenStreetMap. This is currently a research project with implementation advocacy & activism phase upcoming. This project is initiated by BOIL (Bangladesh Open Innovation Lab).

4) NIHR Global Health Unit on Improving Health in Slums The health situation in Dhaka slums is a major concern. Poor living conditions, drainage systems, and ventilation make these areas prone to diseases. NIHR and Warwick University are facilitating research to identify the location and details of health facilities in the slums. BHOOT is supporting the project with initial mapping and Structure verification.