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Central African Republic Activation


Central African Republic

In 2012 HOT was involved in a field project and remote mapping during the Seleka Rebellion invasion in the Central African Republic

Since December 2012 and the country being invaded by the Seleka Rebellion, Central African Republic has been suffering dark times and has become a Level 3 (=max) Crisis for the United Nations. Unfortunately, this Crisis will likely last for years.

HOT was involved in a field project before the crisis started and remote mapping has been continued when the Rebellion invaded the country. In April 2013, when Bangui, the capital City, has been taken down, a HOT Activation has been launched.

This Activation aims at mapping the country on a systematic way, in order to provide the best possible baseline data the humanitarian stakeholders need and to facilitate development projects as soon as the local situation will improve.

For more information about this Activation, please consult the related blog posts and the OSM WikiPage for CAR.